Music Theatre

“The fifth cardinal direction”

a compostion by Cao Thanh Lan and Gregor Siedl (2017)

“The fifth cardinal diration” – “Die  fünfte Himmelsrichtung” is a 45 min. composition for 4 performers, inspired by the vocal music of ethnic minorities in Northern Vietnam – Dao, Hmong and Lolo people.

Instruments: live electronics, clarinet, tăm lay, daxophone, gran cassa and small percussions, vocal.

The six acts of this composition each relates to a landmark or transitional period in a person’s life: birth, maturity, love, work and creation, (self)destruction and re-birth.

The fifth cardinal direction can be found in ancient Asian-, Native American- and Indo-European cultures and represents the center, the here and now, the inner self. This composition is an introspective journey to the inner self and its transformations during a person’s lifetime.

The text used in the composition is for the most part a fantasy language, so that the listeners can focus on the musicality and the expressiveness of the language rather than focusing on the meaning of the text.