Music Theatre

“The fifth cardinal direction”

a compostion by Cao Thanh Lan and Gregor Siedl (premiered 11/2017 at the National Opera Hanoi)



“The fifth cardinal direction” has been selected to be presented at Operadagen Rotterdam on the 24. May 2018 and at Musiktheatertagen Vienna on the 16. June 2018

“The fifth cardinal diration” – “Die  fünfte Himmelsrichtung” is a 45 min. composition for 4 performers, inspired by the vocal music of ethnic minorities in Northern Vietnam – Dao, Hmong and Lolo people.

Instruments: live electronics, clarinet, tăm lay, daxophone, gran cassa and small percussions, vocal.

The six acts of this composition each relates to a landmark or transitional period in a person’s life: birth, maturity, love, work and creation, (self)destruction and re-birth.

The fifth cardinal direction can be found in ancient Asian-, Native American- and Indo-European cultures and represents the center, the here and now, the inner self. This composition is an introspective journey to the inner self and its transformations during a person’s lifetime.

The text used in the composition is for the most part a fantasy language, so that the listeners can focus on the musicality and the expressiveness of the language rather than focusing on the meaning of the text.