25 & 27.2.18 – Workshop “Ways of listening” at SixSpace Gallery, Hanoi, Vietnam


WORKSHOP: Ways of listening

a workshop in collaboration with Six Space that paves the ways for perception and appreciation of music, in particular contemporary music and sounds around you.

Part 1. Talk given by Duo Siedl/Cao and discussion:
– Brief presentation of works by duo Siedl Cao and their artistic approach.
– How to listen to and perceive music in general?
– How to perceive classical music, contemporary, experimental, improvised music?
– How could we otherwise listen to sounds around us?
– Ways of perceiving a live performance?

The workshop’s goal is to give the participants an access to get close to the music, to appreciate, feel and understand music. In the workshop, examples such as videos and recordings of influential artists will be shown along with explanation of the socio-political and musical context to the music.

Part 2. Hands-on experience:
Participants will experience improvising with concepts and structures in small and bigger groups. The results will be presented at the closing concert. The personal experience from doing improvisation and performing will help workshop participants approach the understanding of contemporary music better.

1. Bring your instruments (can be non-musical instruments such as toys, balloons, torch, book, etc.) and be ready to play!
2. You do NOT need to be able to read music.
3. This workshop is primarily for (but not limited to) musicians. If you are a dancer, a live video artist, an actor, etc. you are also invited to participate, as the conducting languages pertain to many artistic disciplines and facets.
4. Understanding English is preferred but not essential.
5. Proficiency on an instrument (or in another discipline of your choice) is preferred but not essential.
6. Interest in experimental music/art is probably a good thing.
Spaces are limited, so sign up early if you can!

SESSION 1 – Sunday, February 25th : 7.30PM – 9.30PM
SESSION 2 – Tuesday, February 27th : 7.30PM – 9.30PM

*FEE: 200000đ

*LOCATION: Six Space, 6F, 94B Trần Hưng Đạo

*TO REGISTER PLEASE FILL THE FORM: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeO2LuOf6bEvk5uulAVvFxwBF8ce65G10w9CZYMoAg4jL43KA/viewform

Closing CONCERT with the title “ Music + …” – Wednesday, February 28th: 8PM – 10PM

(Please be present for every session if you would like to perform in the closing concert)


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