“Radio Cloud” interactive installation by Siedl/Cao is featured in the review of Ars Electronica Festival, Linz Austria – 5 days, 16 locations, 501 exhibits and 548 events, 1,449 artists and scientists, 475 cooperation partners and sponsors and 461 media representatives – in short, it was an intense, a diverse, a big festival. For the complete review:

VTV4 is the only international broadcaster of Vietnam Television, serving nearly 4 million Vietnamese people living abroad and millions of viewers in Vietnam. VTV4 made a detailed report on our recent interactive participatory sound installations at Heritage Space in Hanoi, Vietnam and interviewed us about other recent projects we have realised so far namely Theater-Sound installation “The usual nexus” on the theme of Artificial Intelligence, Music Theater “The fifth cardinal direction” and music project “Osmosis” which combine elements of traditional Vietnamese music with European contemporary improvised music techniques.

Siedl/Cao is featured in the program “Cultural and Art Space” of Vietnam National Television VTV1. This footage includes documentation in Vietnamese and interviews in Vietnamese and English about the sound installations and “The usual nexus” of Siedl/Cao in Hanoi December 2018.

Other interviews and reports from

National VTV6


National VTV 1 – “Cultural and Art Space” program


National VTV4 – “Culture Mosaic” program

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20190308_215138duo Lan talkThe Usual nexusharmony of pollutionfifth cardinal directiontrio 5th directionosmosis

An article in Vietnamese on Hanoi Grapevine about the sound installation event of Siedl/Cao at Manzi art space, Hanoi 2018–TMOvzp8

An article on Vietnam News about the contribution of Siedl/Cao to the experimental music scene in Vietnam

Information on local newspapers on our interactive participatory sound installations at Heritage Space, Hanoi 2018

An Article about Hanoi New Music Festival in which we took part in with the performance of our theater- sound installation “The usual nexus”