20.01.17 – Zicla at Klangkeller concert series Berlin

We will present some of our new compositions for prepared zither and clarinet at the Klangkeller concert series. Featured in the same evening are the mythical Frankfurter Tor, Trio of Niklas Fite, Sam Andreae and Alexander Frangenheim and a reading session given by Sam Andreae about Yvonne Rainer – from Choreography to Cinematography: The “Idea of Community” by Chantal Pontbriand.

For more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/1553458521334254/


KLANGKELLER is a performance platform for experimentation in sound and music//each event will be split into two halves//one of which is programed by the KLANGKELLER team//the other is left unprogramed until one week before//with this we hope to support ideas that might not be quite fully formed yet but are well worth hearing//

//doors open 8:30pm, music starts 9pm//

//Kastanienallee 77//


//Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg//

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