20.10 – 9.11.19 – Exhibition of “Rediscover through sound” – a series of installations, TTTIFA festival of arts, Taipei

This series of sound installations from Siedl/Cao rediscovers the „forgotten“, the „neglected“, the „unused“, the „everyday“. Some of the installations are results of the workshop by Siedl/Cao with the pupils of Taiping Elementary school. These installations use sound as a medium to reconnect to the wonder of traditional Taiwanese games, toys, glove puppetry and everyday objects, particularly plastic ones. During the four workshops, old objects and toys were given to Siedl/Cao by the pupils of the class 306. These objects were incorporated literally and figuratively into an interactive sound performance and into two installations – „the wonder labyrinth“ and „my old treasure box“. Many of these installations are interactive and highlights how one can be creative by being playful.



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