8.10.19 – Sound walk in Dadaocheng, TTTIFA Festival of Arts, Taipei

As part of the second workshop with the pupils of Taiping Elementary school, we did a sound walk, exploring the sonic and electro-magnetic field within the school campus and in the Dadaocheng neighborhood together with the pupils. It’s the expression of curiosity and discovery on their faces that made our day! 🥰 After the sound walk, a pupil wrote: “We explore the sound of the tree in the school, the sound of the plaza by the Zhu Shan Temple, the sign of the bus stop, the sound of the food stand today. Through a mini tiny devices, the kids “taste” the sound in Dadaonchegn that we might get used of. This is one of the goal of TTTIFA residency project. We expect people/artists can get the chance to observe, feel the things they care about slowly and carefully. Through the spirit of the residency project, we might not take things granted, we might care about those small things more. It seems small but once we built up it day by day, then the “connection” with the locals might open with any other different form” .

Many thanks to Melody Ho, Yuanyu Liao, Yi-Kai Kao, Wu Po-shan, Anne Chih-Chung Chuang for all your amazing organisational work and for helping us during the sound walk!

Photo credit: Tua-Tiu-Tiann International Festival of Arts.

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