19.10.18 – “The usual nexus”, Hiroyuki Ura, Suzuki/Yamaguchi/Shinkan trio, Tokyo

It will be an evening of dedication to ones passion and of idealism in the tranquil atmosphere of a traditional Japanese teahouse – Tokyo Okappachan House.

Duo Siedl/Cao will perform their new experimental theatre/sound installation “The usual nexus”  alongside 2 other acts from local musician, dancer and artist. Vol.6 is as experiment station of sound, light, and physical expression. Hiroyuki Ura is an active musician around experimental and improvised music scene. He also organizes a lot of music events to introduce musician from overseas. He will play solo performance this time. Yuriko Suzuki(dance), Shinjiro Yamaguchi(sound), and Shinkan Tamaki(light) will play Ura’s score. The score is composed of 26 variations which are combinations of Long/Short, Loud/Soft, and High-pitched/Low-pitched.


Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/545972985859206/

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