14.10.18 – Music at ORIC Festival, Mayugura, Tokyo, Japan

This is where modern jazz meets classical, intervened by sound happenings and cultural collage from Austria, Vietnam and Japan.

Yuko Yabe – piano, concept

Watanabe Jazz trio:

Takao Watanabe – trumpet
Kousuke Ochiai – double bass
Raiga Hayashi – drums

Duo Siedl/Cao:

Gregor Siedl – audio to midi, clarinet, performance

Cao Thanh Lan – audio to midi, piano, daxophone


Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 01.14.43

★とき: 10月14日(sun)18:30open 19:00start

★ばしょ: 繭蔵 -mayukura-

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