2.7. – 4.7.18 Workshop at Darbast Platform, Tehran, Iran

Duo Siedl/Cao is giving a workshop for electro-acoustic music at Darbast Platform, Tehran, Iran from 2.7. – 4.7.18, hours: 5 – 9pm. The workshop is taking place in collaboration with Darbast Platform, Mohsen Gallery, Nullsight, TADAEX Festival and supported by Austrian Cultural Forum Tehran. Get more infos at https://www.instagram.com/darbastplatform/

Poster Workshop Iran

پلتفرم داربست با همكارى Nullsight و بخش فرهنگ و هنرى سفارت اتريش برگزار مى كند:

كارگاهگفت و گو

رويكردهاى سازنده و عملى در اجراى الكترو آكوستيك

Due Siedl/ Cao

دوشنبه ١١ تير تا جمعه ١٥ تير ٩٧

از ساعت ٥ عصر تا ٩ شب

(تهيه بليت ثبت نام به صورت حضورى نيم ساعت قبل از هر جلسه كارگاه)

بهاى بليت : ٢٠/٠٠٠ تومان

مباحث هر جلسه كارگاه متفاوت است ، بنابراين علاقه مندان ملزم به شركت در همه جلسات نخواهند بود

“Instrumental and performative approach in electro-acoustic performance“ 

1) Analysis and presentation of works from duo Siedl/Cao and influential composers, performers and artists. 

2) Talk and discussion in respect of

+ Various kinds of performance practices

+ Aesthetic consideration regarding performative aspects of a live situation

+ How the instrumental approach influences the way we shape electro-acoustic music

+ Ways of listening and how human’s perception capability informs electro-acoustic music composition

+ Concepts in music performance

+ Aesthetic consideration: doing vs. being, density vs. transparency, complexity in/vs. simplicity

+ Various ways of challenging humans’ perception

+ The balance between audio and visual elements in a performance 

3) Hands-on experience

+ Preparation for the closing show, including all participants

+ Develop ideas, integrate different media and forms of expression

+ Practice in small and big group with concepts

+ Discussion and feedback


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