27.10.16 – Concert at Basement 6 Collective Shanghai, Parallel Asteroid

It is our first concert in Shanghai – a night of interdisciplinary performance (dance, visual projection, music) with international artist from Ukraine, Sweden, France and Parallel Asteroid (Vietnam and Austria).



原创 2016-10-24 killlllllllllllz Basement6
basemet 6 presents

Thu.27th Oct.

115, PINGWU LU| 平武路115号

door 门票:50 rmb

Live set: Parallel Astroid (Austria, Vietnam)
Live Performance: Grebnellaw (Sweden)
Live set: N~L ( France)
Dance: Julie S. (Ukraine)

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好久不见地下室动物们,这一次我们带来了众多不同领域的艺术家,有首次来华巡演的 Parallel Astroid,还有刚刚在AsianDopeBoys上演出过,地下室的好盆友GREBNELLAW带来的新的实验性演出,去过今年BREWandBLEND的被众人一致认为是最抢眼的表演,还有首次在地下室live的N~L 和 Julie S.,他们不仅有各自的演出,同时也会和 Parallel Astroid 一起即兴组合。


The bing bang and everything after! The only way to fill our vacancy is a deliberate collison.

How do stars align when the universe is combusting? Organic electronic violence of Parallel Asteriod meets Grebnellaws pansexxy playground. Live improvisations in audio N~L and body forms JULIE S.

Human glitches work in .raw
These wires will never cross again.
about artists:
Parallel Astroid

Lan Cao(越南):合成器;
Gregor Siedl (奥地利):萨克斯、管乐、各种非乐器的小玩意——如猎哨

Lan Cao – synthesizer
Gregor Siedl – saxophone, gamecalls, tubes

Parallel Asteroid connects experimental, acoustic and electronic sounds with the aesthetics of contemporary music. Their performance is a re-search into the relationship between electronic and organic sounds, creating abstract beauty when these worlds collide. Their music is a result of introspection and the trust to give in to the fragility of the moment where ideas crystalize into abstract shapes and textures. The musicians are the Vietnamese pianist and synthesizer player – Lan Cao and Gregor Siedl from Austria on saxophone, gamecalls and tubes.

Parallel Asteroid have been touring extensively in Europe, Japan, Brasil and Vietnam.

Lan Cao有着古典和当代音乐的背景,而Gregor Siedl则来自实验与即兴音乐领域。他们共同的特质是在作曲和即兴中热衷于极具拓展性的技术、结构和作曲方式, 以求探索人类与非人类的新的情感表达方式。

Parallel Asteroid at Muriwui Tokyo

这个二人组合的音乐与维也纳、科隆的“新音乐”风潮,以及柏林的“实时音乐” (从上世纪90年代中期以来在德国盛行的即兴音乐、自由爵士、新音乐、实验音乐 等强调即兴的音乐风格的总称)有着密不可分的联系。

他们与来自奥地利、德国、 比利时、荷兰的的音乐人和作曲家有着长期性合作,作为组合并已被邀请到多个著 名音乐节演出,如柏林Krieg Singen音乐节、柏林Ankunft Neue音乐节、第五届 Quiet Cue音乐节、维也纳Porgy & Bess 音乐节、科隆风暴音乐节、Kunsthaus Rhenania音乐节、Frischzelle跨媒介表演艺术节等。

In October and November 2016 the duo is touring in China and Taiwan.
Their latest recording „Itinerary“ was released in March 2016 and is available on Bandcamp as digital and audio-CD release with handcrafted artwork. It contains a selection of composed pieces and exemplifies the soundworld of Parallel Asteriod in a format applicable to an audio recording.


GREBNELLAW是瑞典艺术家Nosslo-Grebnellaw Aniluap与来自不同领域的创作者合作的表演项目,依据表演场地创造图像、音乐与行为表演,就所谓的“时代精神”发表看法。

GREBENELLAW 曾经在2014年就与Basement6 一起合作在BANK GALLERY进行过一场PAOBAO表演!

Grebnellaw happens in the moment and the red and white party revolution sweep through different constellation and contexts to celebrate the ugly, the weird, the different, and that which does not fit in. To the sounds of electronic music flows a screaming blend of poetry, politics, food and environmental issues in an absurd show.
aka Loads~Nothing
Is an european sound artist and live performer based in Asia, processing samples of field recordings, acoustic instruments, and using analog and modular synths to create hypnotic and eerie ambient, electronica, experimental live sets.
Julie S
Was born in Ukraine but belongs to the world.
Choreographer, performer, teacher. She works mainly with contemporary dance, physical theatre, contact improvisation and site-specific performance. In her works she mostly interested in social problems, surreal reality, modern technologies and online process, trying to open a window to offline world.

编舞,舞者,当代舞艺术家, 活跃在肢体剧场,即兴和现场表演。关注社会问题,超现实主义,当代科技和线上数据处理。 用舞蹈链接线上和线下世界。


Now at Uptown Records, Basement 6 aims to bring exhibitions, creative events and workshops to the Shanghai independent art scene. We function as a collective of multiple disciplinary artists focused in experimentation and the social arts. Our mission is to provide a platform for upcoming and established artists to venture into new mediums and aim to bridge international and local communities.


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