October/November 2016 – Concert Tour in China & Taiwan


Parallel Asteroid is going on tour to China and Taiwan.

We are excited to meet and perform with artists Zhu Wenbo, Li Jianhong, Vavabond, Junky, Torturing Nurse, Changcun Wang, Mai Mai, Acid, Li Quing, Li Weisi, Zhao Cong, Ake, Min-Yen Hsieh, TanTan, Eric Bribosia, Liping Ting, Yawen Chang, Li-Chin Li, Hsiao-Feng Lin, Yawen Chang, Yuan-Hui, Xiu-Shan Wang. 


18.10.2016: LOOPY – Parallel Asteroid, Changcun Wang – electronics, Tan Bo (Eric Bribosia, Tantan), https://www.facebook.com/loopyliveHZ/


21.10.2016: Meridian – Duo Zhao Cong & Ake, Zhu Wenbo ,Parallel Asteroid, http://www.meridian-online.com/events/

22.10.2016: Meridian – Workshop presentation Parallel Asteroid, http://www.meridian-online.com/events/

22.10.2016: fRUITYSPACE – Mind Fiber – Li Jianhong & Vavabond, Soviet Pop – Li Qing & Li Weisi, Parallel Asteroid, http://www.fruityshop.cn/

23.10.2016: Maybe Mars Records – Parallel Asteroid, presenting new original compositions for piano and saxofone, http://maybemars.org/


26.10.2016: VOX – WUHAN, Tan Bo Tantan & Eric Bribosia, Parallel Asteroid


27.10.2016: Basement 6 Collective, Parallel Asteroid,  http://www.basement6collective.com/

28.10.2016: CHRONUS ART CENTER – Torturing Nurse, Acid, Mai Mai, Parallel Asteroid, http://www.chronusartcenter.org/en/

29.10.2016 : Noishanghai at Space 631 – Torturing Nurse, Parallel Asteroid and many more


30.10.2016: TREASURE ARTIST VILLAGE Taipei – Parallel Asteroid, Liping Ting, http://www.artistvillage.org/

31.10.2016: Nan Hai Gallery – Parallel Asteroid with Yawen Chang, Li-Chin Li, Hsiao-Feng Lin, Yawen Chang, Yuan-Hui and dancer Xiu-Shan Wang

1.11.2016: 先行一車 / Senkoissha The Vinyl Warehouse – Min-Yen Hsieh, Parallel Asteroid


2.11.2016: National Chiao Tung University Hsinchu / NCTU, lecture-performance and masterclass in cooperation with Prof Chao-Ming Tung (Composition department), http://www.nctu.edu.tw/


2.11.2016: 江山藝改所 /Jiang Shan Yi Gai Suo in Hsinchu – Min-Yen Hsieh, Parallel Asteroid

3.11. SAPPHO Taipei – Min-Yen Hsieh, Parallel Asteroid and special guests, http://www.sappholive.com/


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