13.7.16 Performance with Tali Serruya, Juliana Wähner and Camila Valenzuela Moguillansky at CAPACETE in Rio

This performance is realized in cooperation with Capacete art space and Tali Serruya. Two dancers cocooned in full body plastic covers and Parallel Asteroid will create a visceral multi sensory habitat for the highly artificial and organic to meet.

Tali Serruya is a theater director and performance artist directing the performance at Capacete art space: http://www.taliserruya.com

Juliana Wähner is a pluridisciplinary artist and performer: http://julianawahner.tumblr.com/

Camila Valenzuela Moguillansky, a post-PhD in neuro-sicence, a circus artist, dancer & yoga teacher: http://milamogui.org

The performance takes place at 22:00 at CAPACETE art space: Rua Benjamin Constant, 131 – Gloria, Rio http://capacete.org

At 20:30 there will be a talk by urbanist and architect Laura Taves who will give an introduction to her activities with Azulejaria project.



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