July 2016 Concert Tour in Brazil


Parallel Asteroid are very excited to go on tour in Brazil. The trip will take us to Rio de Janeiro, São Paulo and Florianopolis with performances at Festival FIME – Festival Internacional de Musica Experimental in Sao Paulo, a cooperation with BELLA and Thomas Rohrer at Espaco Saracura, a concert at Audio-Rebel with Ricardo Dias Gomes, an interdisciplinary performance with Tali Serruya at Capacete Artist residency in Rio and a workshop and concert with Diogo de Haro in Florianopolis.

Our concert schedule will be updated soon. Stay tuned for more details!

Rio de Janeiro

11.7. –  Concert at Audio Rebel, double concert with Ricardo Dias Gomes, https://ricardodiasgomes.bandcamp.com/releases

12.7. –  Concert at Espaço Saracura double concert with Bella & Thomas Rohrer http://bellacomsom.tumblr.com 

13.7. – Interdisciplinary performance at CAPACETE art residency with Tali Serruya

14.7. –  Concert at Frey Kalioubi design center 

São Paulo

16.7. – House concert with invisibili(cidades), http://www.invisibilicidades.com/

18.7. – Concert at FIME Festival for Experimental Music


20.7. – Lan Cao Piano Recital of Contemporary Music (works by P.Ablinger, T.Ades, G.Aperghis at Santa Catarina State University (UDESC)

23.7. – Concert at Sitio in cooperation with Diogo del Haro

++concert at Nacasa art space, date to be confirmed

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