07.05.2015 – Double Date: Parallel Asteroid + RRR

Parallel Asteroid has the honour of inviting RRR for a cozy double date at Donau 115. Come by for free improvisation by our double duo date!

Two musicians, one from a classical music background, the other a jazz musician. Contemporary music and Improvisation is where they converged and found their common interest. Trained in different schools of music, they both want to explore new sounds, new combinations of textures, styles and means of expression.

is a mask and suit wearing, synth and bass playing Berlin based free improvising duo. Blending shadows, lights and sounds with instantaneous communication, they dig together at something bright and wonderful, often turning up dark or silly things in the process. Primary influences include morse code, dogs and science fiction.

Liz Kosack – synth
Dan Peter Sundland – bass


Also playing this evening is the Marc Doffey quintet!

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