Workshop: Parallel Asteroid and Domdom Center of Experimental Music Hanoi

This project with DOMDOM is the follow up to an exciting workshop and concert period in February 2014. The continuation of the collaboration between Parallel Asteroid and DOMDOM Hanoi is a chance to deepen the artistic connection and expand the cultural exchange between the two ensembles.

The focus of the workshop will be on instant composition, extended techniques, interactive performance skills, aesthetic viewpoints, socio-cultural considerations and background knowledge on selected influential contemporary composers.

This workshop is especially organized for the advanced improvisation class of Domdom but also open to selected young musicians and composers who are passionate about experimental music and have experience with improvisation and have participated in previous courses or workshops of Domdom. This workshop is totally FREE of charge. Feel free to enroll in the workshop before 16/04/2015 at:

With support of:

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