“OSMOSIS” – Concert at STROM Festival at Kunsthaus Rhenania Köln – 8. September 2013


“Osmosis” is a new project in which we experiment with and combine selected genres and elements of traditional Vietnamese music with European contemporary music and improvisation. The point of convergence is expressions which is also the reason why music is such a universal language.

“ Ngâm thơ” ,“ Xẩm” and “ Ca trù” are the three traditional and living music genres of “Chanting poem” /”Reciting poem” . Vietnamese is a melodious language with 6 different fixed intonations. “Chanting poem” with its improvisatory embellishment and melismas enhance the beauty of the language itself, the emotive power and the multilayered  meanings behind each poetic word. This intuitive improvisation is based on expression corresponds to European traditions of Troubadour, Gregorian chants, and to modern free improvisation.

The text of all the poems will be translated, so that all the musicians and the audience can imagine and interpret the meaning of the poem with their own personal language and experience.


Lan Cao – Prepared piano, Vietnamese percussion

Gregor Siedl – Saxophones, Flutes

Constantin Herzog – Contrabass

Sergej Maingardt – Electronics

David Hernandez Deniz – Percussion intruments

Featuring Vietnamese traditional music singer Kim Oanh from Hanoi, Vietnam

The concert takes place on the 8th of September, at 17:00


Bayenstr. 28 – 50678 Köln – Germany.

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